To facilitate game-changing innovation in African agriculture by providing services specifically tailored for:

1. Inventors of breakthrough technologies and processes suited to African agriculture but not yet widely deployed

2. Implementer firms capable of handling large scale investments involving cutting edge technologies and processes

3. Investors seeking high-impact investments in African agribusiness


Hakika will provide it’s clients the following job improvements, gains and pain relief:


  • Job assistance - well targeted awareness raising

  • Gain creator - direct access to potential adopters

  • Pain reliever - reduced transfer costs


  • Job assistance - assistance in keeping abreast of emerging technologies and processes

  • Gain creator - reduced cost of missed opportunities

  • Pain reliever - reduced costs of transactions with inappropriate technologies and partnerships


  • Job assistance - fast tracking identification of investable projects

  • Gain creator - rapid selection of potential partnerships

  • Pain reliever - avoiding mismatches

Areas of Interest